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Can I Synchronize With Google Calendar? (KB10000009)

Yes. All activities created in CRM Boost can be synchronized with Google Calendar. Events created in Google calendar can also be sent back into your CRM Boost account as a Task. All activities created from CRM Boost are pushed into Google calendar with a default reminder of 15 minutes prior to event.

1. You must have a Gmail account. If you do not have one, create it at
2. Log in to your gmail account.
3. Click CALENDAR on the top to go to your calendar
4. Create a new calendar called "CRMBOOST".
5. Go into the calendar settings for the newly created calendar "CRMBOOST".
6. Find your calendar ID under calendar address. 
7. If you only have 1 calendar, your calendar ID will be your email address.
8. Log in to your CRM Boost account as an administrator.
9. Click ADMINISTRATION on the top tabs.
10. Click on the username you wish to add the google calendar synchronization to.
12. On the Google Calendar Synchronization section, enter the Google Email address, the Google password, and paste the Google calendar id that we copied previously.
13. Click SAVE.

Now every activity assigned to this user will automatically sync with the assigned google calendar.

You may now sync your mobile device, IPad or Android tablet, smartphone, IPhone, Blackberry devices with your google calendar.

For information on how to sync with google visit

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