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What Is An Opportunity? (KB10000024)

Opportunities are used to track deals through your sales pipeline.  An opportunity is any possible negotiation you might be working on.   You can customize your pipeline workflow process through the "Preferences" tab. (You must be an administrator)

Opportunities belong to Leads and Accounts.  You can have multiple opportunities per lead and/or account.  Each opportunity carries a dollar ($) value to track the potential sale.  As you move your opportunity down your pipeline, you increase your probability of closing the deal.

In the case of loosing an opportunity or deal, you can also track your competitor who won for future references. 

You can also store documents specifically related to each opportunity by uploading into the documents sub-tab within the opportunity details page.  You can also create and assign activitiy reminders and log notes to help follow up on the opportunity.

Example:  For a realtor, the lead would be a potential client, for every house that the client is interested in, you can create an opportunity for each address with the value of the house as the potential $ of the sale.  You can then progress the opportunity down your sales pipeline.

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