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How To Reschedule A Follow Up Activity? (KB10000081)

1. Locate on your dashboard the Follow Up Reminders View box.

2. Locate and click the activity you wish to reschedule.

3. This will take you to the related Lead, Account, Vendor, Opportunity or Support Case detail screen.

4. Scroll down to the Activities section.

5. Locate the activity you wish to reschedule in the Open Activities section.

6. Type a comment in the Results box with your reason to re-schedule.  (optional)

7. Click the calendar icon next to the date to change to the new follow up date.

8. Choose the follow up time, if applicable, from the drop down below it. 

9. You may also change the follow up action, type of activity, and reassign to someone else.

10. Click the UPDATE button.

11. The old activity will be logged as closed in the Closed activity section along with the result, if any.

12. The new rescheduled activity will remain in the Open Activities section.

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