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How To Delete A User? (KB10000085)

This action may only be done by an user with Administrative rights, and can only be done in plans with 2 or more users.  If your plan only has 1 user or you wish to transfer all the elements in the existing user account to another user, please contact support at to request the change.  This will ensure that all elements related to the deleted userid are transferred to a valid userid email.

IMPORTANT: All records associated with the user will be deleted including open activities, opportunities, support cases, emails, campaigns.

If the userid that you wish to delete does not have any records within it and your CRMBOOST plan has 2 or more accounts, please proceed as follows:

1. Click the Setting and then Administration tab.

2. Select the user name from the left panel.

3. Verify the user information.

4. Click Delete.

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