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How To Update A User? (KB10000086)

This action may only be done by an user with Administrative rights.

You cannot change the userid (email) once created.  Search "how to change user ID".

You can only update the user contact information, change the password, set module access privilages, configure IMAP sent folder settings, configure Google Calendar settings and update user administrative rights.

1. Click the Setting tab and then Administration tab from the top.

2. Select the user name from the left pane.


3. Verify the user information and click UPDATE USER INFO.

4. Change the password if necessary.

5. Update the contact information where necessary.

6. Update user administrative type if necessary.

7. Configure IMAP sent folder setting if necessary.

8. Configure Google Calendar settings if necessary.

9. Check the boxes on the right to enable or disable individual module access.

10. Click SAVE.

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