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Getting Started Tutorial (videos) (KB10000106)

Getting Started Tutorial (Training Session 1)
These videos will help you get started quickly in the basics of using CRMBOOST. 
Objective: Learn to enter information into CRMBOOST.
What will you learn:
  1. How to create a new Lead and/or Account.
  2. How to enter follow up notes.
  3. How to create follow up activities.
  4. How to update, reschedule or close these follow up activities.
  5. How to quickly search for someone in your database.

Why is this training important?

It is very important that you learn these basics since it is with contact data that you can use our other modules such as quoting, invoicing and email marketing tool.

Watch these series of videos carefully as they will get you started quickly with using your CRMBOOST account.

After you have learned to feed contact information into CRMBOOST, you may proceed to Training Session 2 which will focus on Email Marketing Campaigns.


1. Creating a New Lead

2. Creating an Activity for a Lead

3. Creating a New Account

4. Creating an Activity for a Account

5. How to Search for a Lead, Account, or Vendor

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