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How Do I Import A List Of Vendors? (KB10000113)

You can import your list of Vendors from a CSV or Comma Delimited file.

1. Make sure that your list of Vendors has been saved as a CSV or Comma Delimited file format.

If not, open in Excel, click File, then SAVE AS, and choose CSV (Comma Delimited) as the File type, and Click SAVE.

2. In CRMBOOST, Click TOOLS AND IMPORT UTILITY tab from top. The List Import popup window will appear.

3. On Step 1: Click the option to browse for your CSV file.

4. On Step 2: Select from the drop down list if Vendors.

5. On Step 3: Skip this option, this option only applies if you are importing Leads. 

6. Click Submit.

7. You will be presented with a list of fields. Each row represents a column of data from your list.  

8. Select from the top drop down list, the user to whom you wish to import the list to.

9. You will now need to map each row of fields to a corresponding field in CRMBOOST.  Start with Field 1 and select from the drop down on the right, the appropriate field that corresponds to the information that is shown across.   For example, if Field 1 contains company names, then choose "Company" from the drop down directly across it.

Note:  You may skip a Field Row if you do not wish to import the information in that row.   You may only select each field from the drop down ONCE.  You may however select "NOTES" multiple times.

10. After mapping all fields, scroll to the bottom, and choose if you want to import all data, or if you want to scrub for duplicates.   You can choose to discard duplicates by Email or by Telephone.  For example, if you choose to discard by Email, the system will ignore any contacts that contain an email that already exists.

11. Click "IMPORT" to import your list and wait for confirmation.

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