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How To Create A New Email Series Campaign? (KB10000158)

To create an email series campaign simply go to create campaign.

This will open the option for you to create a new campaign.



Fill out the campaign information



Under campaign name, type the name you wish to use to identify this campaign.

Under the Category section, choose a category from the drop down list, or simply choose “new category” and type the name of your new category on the box next to it.

For campaign type: Choose Email Series from the drop down list.

For Campaign Status, Choose Active and click SAVE when done.

Your new campaign has now been created.

Add emails to the campaign with the “Add Email to Campaign” tab. 



This will open our Email Template window, which allows you to choose from a list of predefined template designs.  



On the left you will see a list of template categories.  On the right you will see the available templates in each category.

You may then click on the thumbnail to choose a template.

This will open the email campaign message editor with the selected template. 

Under campaign name you will notice it will ask for the number of days to send each email after launching the campaign.

These numbers determine when each email will be send out after launching the campaign.

Next, enter the email subject.
Now you can edit and type your message using the selected template. 

When done click "Check Score" to verify the email content is not considered spam material.

Click “save” when you are done.

Click Close to go back to your campaign maintenance window.

You may need to refresh the campaign content by clicking on the highlighted email campaign name.

If you are no longer in the campaign maintenance window, you may click the campaign browser  above and find the  email you’ve just created .



Repeat the same steps to add more emails to the campaign.

You will see all the emails under this particular campaign.


If you need to modify the content of this email, click on the update button at the top to open the email campaign message editor again.

You may edit your email content and save when done.

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