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How To Check Email Campaign Statistics? (KB10000092)

1. Click the Campaigns and Campaigns Browser tab from the top.


2. Locate and click on the name of the campaign you wish to check.

3. On the Email Campaign Detail page, click Get Statistics

4. The statistics for this campaign will be displayed shortly with information on # of emails added, delivered, opened, bounced, opted-out, and pending or undeliverables.

Note:  You can click on the link for Delivered/Opened to view details about date and time delivered and opened.  You may also sort on this list by headers to view bounced and opted-out emails.   You can drill down to the individual lead or account by clicking on the email address.

In the Email Campaign Detail page, you will also see detailed report of date, time and # of emails added to each email list campaign launch. 

If an email campaign has not been launched yet, there will be a red X next to it.   You may click it to delete and cancel the launch if it has not been added yet.

Below you will see the Click Through Report.  This shows how many times each link in the email was clicked.

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