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List Of Email Tags For Merging Field Information Into Email Campaigns. (KB10000091)

Please find below a list of the tags you can use in Email Campaigns.
These are case sensitive and must be enclosed in the {} brackets.

{emailid} unique email identifier (for coupon codes etc)
{name} First Name
{lastname} Last Name
{company} Company Name
{phone} Phone
{fax} Fax
{mobile} Cellphone
{myemail} My Email
{email} Email
{category} Category
{ref1} Reference 1
{ref2} Reference 2
{ref3} Reference 3
{ref4} Reference 4
{ref5} Reference 5
{title} Title
{url} Webiste URL
{email2} Email 2
{bill_address1} Billing Address 1
{bill_address2} Billing Address 2
{bill_city} Billing City
{bill_state} Billing State
{bill_zip} Billing Zip Code
{bill_country} Billing Country
{ship_address1} Shipping Address 1
{ship_address2} Shipping Address 2
{ship_city} Shipping City
{ship_state} Shipping State
{ship_zip} Shipipng Zip Code
{ship_country} Shipping Country
{balance} Account Balance
{creditlimit} Account Credit Limit
{signature} Signature
{myname} From Name
{emailid} Email ID
{date} Today's Date


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