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How To Create An Email List Of All Your Contacts And Sending An Email Blast? (KB10000013)

1. Click "Campaign" "Email Lists" from the tabs on the top.

2. Step 1-Select or create a Email List

3. Step 2- Edit or Delete contacts. To delete contact place your mouse pointer over the contact an "X" will appear.
    To add new contacts to list, click "+ Add Contacts"


4. Find your contact using filters. Add individual contact by selecting and clicking "ADD" and " ADD ALL" to add the whole list.
   Once done click "DONE"


5. Step 3- Select the campaign.

The emails in the campaign can be preview to confirm its the correct one.

6. Step 4- Schedule Campaign. Select the email send from, date and time. Once done click Schedule Campaign and you are done!

Note: If you are scheduling a Series Campaign, the date you select in to start campaign would be considered (Day 0)

When scheduling a Recurring Campaign, make sure to schedule launch date one day before the day you want it to be send.

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