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How To Create A New Quote? (KB10000076)

1. Quotes are created from within Lead details or Account Details.

2. First you need to search and locate the Lead or Account for whom you with to create the quote.

3. You can use the Keyword Search Tool on the left, right above the calendar.

4. You may also Click the Leads or Accounts and Account/Lead Browser tab from the top and locate and click the company you wish to create a quote for. 

5. Once in the Lead Detail or Account Detail screen, Click the CREATE QUOTE button.

6. The Billing address is read-only and can only be modified by editing the Lead or Account information.

7. Update the Shipping address in the quote if necessary.

8. Choose the terms of payment from the drop down list.  You may update the Payment Terms list through Preferences Tab -> Accounts -> Payment Terms.

9. Enter the quote header information where applicable:  Ship Via, FOB, tax rate, PO Number, Reference, Quote date and Order Notes.

10. On the details section, partially enter the Item Code # and click the search button.  

11. Select and click on the item from the list. 

12. Wait for the fields to auto-fill with the item #, description and price.

13. Enter the quantity.

14. Enter a discount percentage if applicable.   Ex. 10 for 10%.

15. Click the checkbox for Tax if the item is taxable.  The tax rate on the header will apply to this item if checked.

16. Enter more detailed Item Notes if any to expand on the item being added.  Ex. Product Specifications, Service terms, bundle detail, etc.

17. Click the ADD button.

18. Continue to add additional products.

19. Added items may be deleted or edited by clicking on the corresponding action icon next to each product line.

20. To complete, scroll up and click SAVE.

21.  You may now proceed to click on the newly created quote and Email or Print it out.

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