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Category: Social Intranet

  How To Add/change Social Intranet Profile Picture? (KB10000120)
To add or change Social Intranet profile picture click update profile Browse for your new picture and click change picture. ...
  How To Share A File With Social Intranet? (KB10000123)
To add and share a file such a picture or document in the Social Intranet, Click "Attachment" Browse for the file and click "Post". The picture or document will show in the Intranet windows for your colleague to ...
  How To Delete A File In The Social Intranet? (KB10000124)
To delete a file posted by you on the Social Intranet, place your pointer on top of the file and a "X" will appear to the right of the file. Click the "X" and the file will be erase. NOTE: Only the person ...
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