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Category: Support Cases

  How To Upload Document For A Support Case? (KB10000018)
1. Click Account and "Support Cases" from the tabs on the top. 2. Locate the case you wish to add the document to. 3. Click through to the Support Case Details Page. 4. Scroll down and click on the sub-tab "DOCUME ...
  What Is A Support Case? (KB10000116)
Support Cases are way to follow up and report any compliments/errors related to this particular Account. Support cases can only be assign to Accounts. ...
  How To Create A Support Case? (KB10000117)
To create a Support Case select the account who wish to write a report. Select “Create Support Case” in the Account Detail Window. Fill out the correct information and select the Status and Priority of the case ...
  How To Delete A Support Case? (KB10000118)
To Delete a Support Cases just look up the support case, click on it and you can EDIT or DELETE. ...
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